Nials Journal Of Intellectual Property(njip)

  • Date Published 25/03/2019
Nials Journal Of Intellectual Property(njip)
Nials Journal Of Intellectual Property(njip)

The subject of intellectual property (IP), without doubt, has attained a considerable universal prominence, especially in its ever growing significance to the core values of human enterprise and global policy. In today’s world, its reach is so diverse and dynamic that it sits actively in the interstices of the disciplines of law, technology, economics health, culture, agriculture, environment, international relations, politics and more. The inter-disciplinary breath invites scholars, practitioners, policy makers and the industry across the world to thought-provoking debate of jurisprudence, policy and best practices in the ensuing systems of intellectual property.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary Pages Preliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1Beyond ‘nollywood’ And Piracy: In Search Of An Ip Policy For Nigeria
  • Chapter 2Country Of Origin And Internet Publication: Applying The Berne Convention In The Digital Age
  • Chapter 3Towards Sustainable Development Of Nigeria’s Entertainment Industry In The Digital Age: Role Of Copyright Law And Administration
  • Chapter 4Enacting International Laws And Implementing Public Policies To Protect The Rights Of Indigenous Peoples To Knowledge And Biodiveristy: Challenges And Opportunities
  • Chapter 5Combating Piracy Through Optical Disc Plant Regulation In Nigeria: Prospects And Challenges
  • Chapter 6Public Health, Access To Medicines And The Role Of Patents System In Nigeria
  • Chapter 7Towards Trademark Law Reform In Nigeria: A Practitioner’s Note
  • Chapter 8Supreme Court Decision In Ferodo Ltd. V. Ibeto Industry Ltd: A Review
  • General IndexGeneral Index

Nials Journal Of Intellectual Property(njip)

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