Journal Of Intellectual Property Ii

  • Date Published 14/01/2019
Journal Of Intellectual Property Ii
Journal Of Intellectual Property Ii

Two primary sites of colonial power and domestic resistance are identified. These are the habitués of power in the pre-colonial state and which the imperial powers singled out for subordination and destruction. The first is the institution of traditional medicine. The second is traditional languages. On the former, the devastating propaganda against and demonization of the native healer is revisited and explained. Through religious, epistemic, and cultural vilification, the native healer was stripped of authority and turned into a social pariah. On languages, its capacity to act as a vehicle for the sharing and transmission of knowledge was effectively compromised, thus truncating the orderly transmission and regeneration of knowledge.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary PagesPreliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1Bio-cultural Knowledge And The Challenges Of Intellectual Property Rights Regimes For African Development
  • Chapter 2Intellectual Property And Development – A Road Map For Developing Countries In The 21 St Century
  • Chapter 3The Role Of Copyright In Economic Development: A Review From Kenya
  • Chapter 4Intellectual Property Rights And Biomedical Research: Problems And Challenges Under The Nigerian Law
  • Chapter 5Nigerian Intellectual Property: Overview Of Developments & Practice
  • Chapter 6Ferodo Limited And Ferodo Nigeria Limited V. Ibeto Industries Limited; Another Critical Review
  • Chapter 7Nigerian Copyright System Principles & Perspectives
  • General IndexGeneral Index

Journal Of Intellectual Property Ii

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