Legislating For Good Governance

  • Date Published 26/03/2019
Legislating For Good Governance
Legislating For Good Governance

This book establishes that legislating is not only the process of law making but encompasses the characteristics of the legislature as a whole. The role legislation plays in the quest for economic prosperity in Nigeria is buttressed as well as the role of the executive in the quest for good governance. The need for a rigorous and deliberative approach as the basis of public policy is canvassed. The book explores political governance by stating the need for legislations that could propel the introduction and use of party ideology to achieve good governance in Nigeria. It also examines the relationship between Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and good political governance through the use of credible, free and fair elections to appoint leaders in a democratic system of government.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary Pages Preliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1Legisprudence And Legislating For Good Governance
  • Chapter 2Legislation And Economic Prosperity: Perspectives For Nigeria
  • Chapter 3Public Policy And Good Governance
  • Chapter 4Good Governance And Poverty Reduction: The Legislative Agenda
  • Chapter 5Implementation Of Legislations For Good Governance
  • Chapter 6Legislating Anti Corruption Agencies: Legal Analysis Of Nigerian Anticorruption Laws And Legislations
  • Chapter 7Human Right Legislations And Good Governance
  • Chapter 8The Role Of The National Assembly In Legislating For Good Governance
  • Chapter 9Good Governance And Law Making Process
  • Chapter 10Political Party Ideology And Legislation For Good Governance
  • Chapter 11The Role Of Inec In Fostering Good Political Governance
  • Chapter 12Taxation Law And Good Governance
  • Chapter 13Legislation And Good Governance: A Critical Analysis Of Extant Legislations On Good Governance
  • Chapter 14The Role Of The Legislature In Good Governance
  • General IndexGeneral Index

Legislating For Good Governance

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