Journal Of Law And Development Ii

  • Date Published 22/01/2019
Journal Of Law And Development Ii
Journal Of Law And Development Ii

This research examines the autochthonous nature of Nigerian Constitution with a view to demystifying the impolitic call for peoples’ constitution in Nigeria. Further, the research examines whether legitimacy and effectiveness of a constitution are linked to the way it was made. The research continues to examine whether there is purely autochthonous constitution and its relevance to the attainment of dividends of democracy and argues that the making of a constitution plays no role in the enthronement of good governance. The paper suggests ways of entrenching good governance in the country.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary PagesPreliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1A Comparative Analysis Of Autochthonous Constitution And Good Governance: The Making Of Nigeria’s Constitution
  • Chapter 2Balancing The Concept Of Fair Hearing And Ex Parte Injunctions Under Nigerian Law: An Imperative
  • Chapter 3Contemporary Issues Concerning Validity Of Marriages And Private International Law
  • Chapter 4Functions Of Local Governments Under The 1999 Constitution And Socio-economic Development In Nigeria
  • Chapter 5The Prospect Of Congruence In The Definition Of Corruption: A Nigerian Perspective
  • Chapter 6The Regulation Of Cyberspace: Rethinking The Traditional Approach To Crime And Punishment
  • Chapter 7Visas, Trolleys And Kidneys: The Need For Domestic And International Laws Eradicating Transplant Tourism
  • General IndexGeneral Index

Journal Of Law And Development Ii

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