Administration Of Justice And Good Governance In Nigeria

  • Date Published 14/01/2019
Administration Of Justice And Good Governance In Nigeria
Administration Of Justice And Good Governance In Nigeria

This book, Administration of Justice and Good Governance in Nigeria explores different cross cutting themes on governance and the dispensation of justice. It is the result of meticulous work and research by selected intellectuals who are academic members of staff of the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies. The topics discussed have been carefully selected to aggregate views on every aspect of law and governance in Nigeria. They reflect varied viewpoints and perspectives on diverse subjects of contemporary relevance to law and the administration of justice in Nigeria. The authors have carefully taken account of recent and insightful developments relevant to these topics. All the chapters have been subjected to in-depth peer review.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary PagesPreliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1The Imperative And Limits Of Forensic Science In The Administration Of Justice
  • Chapter 2Judicial Misconduct: Another Look At The Nigerian Code Of Conduct For Judicial Officers
  • Chapter 3Case Management And The Judicial Discretion In Civil Proceedings
  • Chapter 4Complex Crimes And Challenges To Law Enforcement
  • Chapter 5Justice, Good Governance And Development In Nigeria: Exploring The Centrality Of Law And Its Institutions
  • Chapter 6Re – Invigorating The Ombudsman Concept In Nigeria
  • Chapter 7Copyright And The Entertainment Industries In Nigeria: An Appraisal Of The Evolving Legal Issues
  • Chapter 8The Right To Know: The Need For A Freedom Of Information Law In Nigeria And Beyond
  • Chapter 9Access To Justice And Judicial Attitude To Standing In Nigeria
  • Chapter 10The Constitution And The Protection Of The Environment In Nigeria
  • Chapter 11Law, Liberty And Security: Combating Terrorism In Nigeria
  • Chapter 12Interlocutory Applications And Fair Hearing In Civil Suits
  • Chapter 13Institutional And Legal Dimensions To Electoral Administration And Management
  • Chapter 14The Amended 1999 Constitution: Now A People’s Charter
  • Chapter 15Legitimacy Of Government And Resolution Of Electoral Disputes
  • Chapter 16Liberalizing Access To Courts In Fundamental Human Rights Cases: An Appraisal Of The Fundamental Human Rights Enforcement Rules
  • Chapter 17Remand Orders, Bail And The Criminal Justice System
  • General IndexGeneral Index

Administration Of Justice And Good Governance In Nigeria

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