Deregulation; Law, Economics And Politics

  • Date Published 14/01/2019
Deregulation; Law, Economics And Politics
Deregulation; Law, Economics And Politics

Deregulation contrasts with government regulations. The former fosters the liberalisation of market structures while under the latter, the ownership and control of public utilities are retained by the government. Deregulation measures involve the reduction or elimination of governmental regulations of business enterprises; the measures are underscored by the will of the government to allow economic development to be determined by the market mechanism.  The deregulation and privatisation movement began in the 1980s in the United Kingdom under the leadership of Margaret Thatcher. Since then, the notion of deregulation has not only spread to High Income Countries but also to Middle and Low Income Countries. It will thus be trite to say that deregulation exercises have become a global phenomenon. The thrust for a change in the Nigerian economy has seen the country embrace the concept of deregulation and the drift towards deregulation has been more practical since the last decade. The era of deregulation of the telecommunication sector in Nigeria for example has brought more benefits to the Nigerian economy and its peoples than the previous era of government regulation.

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Book Chapters

  • Chapter 1Regulation Or Deregulation: Which Way Nigeria?
  • Chapter 2Deregulation Of Infrastructure
  • Chapter 3Issues In The Deregulation Of The Nigerian Electric Power Sector
  • Chapter 4Deregulation, Corporate Governance And The Nigerian Banking Sector
  • Chapter 5Deregulation: The Politics Of Funding And Increasing Local Content In Broadcasting
  • Chapter 6Deregulation And Economic Growth In Nigeria: A Prognosis
  • Chapter 7Deregulation Of The Telecommunication Industry: A Ten Year Scorecard
  • Chapter 8The Legal Framework For The Deregulation Of Public Corporations In Nigeria
  • Chapter 9Deregulation And Corporate Governance
  • General IndexGeneral Index
  • Table Of CasesTable Of Cases
  • Table Of StatutesTable Of Statutes

Deregulation; Law, Economics And Politics

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