Legal History Of Nigeria

  • Date Published 05/01/2022
Legal History Of Nigeria
Legal History Of Nigeria

The Book on the NIALS Legal History of Nigeria was conceived after it became evident that a detailed chronological history of Nigeria was difficult to narrate in view of the antecedents of her people. Legal history is interested in how law and legal institutions operate and how they have changed over time in reaction to the dynamics of economic, social and political conditions in the country. The book therefore is the result of a meticulous work and research by selected intellectuals who are both in academics and practice of law and the topics discussed have been carefully selected to aggregate views on different aspect of Nigerian development.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary Pages Preliminary Pages
  • Introduction Introduction
  • Chapter 1Nation As History: Nigeria In Historico-legal Perspective
  • Chapter 2Islamic Law And Justice Within The Nigerian Legal History: Nature, Scope, Application And Administration System
  • Chapter 3Administration Of Customary Law
  • Chapter 4Advent Of Legal Pluralism In Nigeria’s Corpus Juris
  • Chapter 5Role Of International Law In The Creation Of Nigeria
  • Chapter 6Constitution As A Grundnorm: Imperative For Constitutional Order
  • Chapter 7Colonial And Pre-independence Constitutional Development: Legal And Historical Perspectives
  • Chapter 8Post – Independence Constitutional Development 1960 – 1966 Era
  • Chapter 9Federalism Under Nigerian Constitutional Democracies: Balancing The Federating Rights
  • Chapter 10The Role Of The Fundamental Objectives And Directive Principles Of State Policy (fodps) In The Constitutional Development Of Nigeria
  • Chapter 11Fundamental Rights In Nigeria: Legal And Historical Perspectives
  • Chapter 12Military Rule As A Legal Order: A Socio-legal Discourse Of Nigeria’s Miltary Experience
  • Chapter 13Military Rule In Nigeria: 1983-1999
  • Chapter 14Role Of The Legislature Under The Colonial Era
  • Chapter 15Nigeria’s Right To Self-determination: The Contribution Of The Legislature From 1960 To 1966

Legal History Of Nigeria

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