Judicial Reform And Transformation In Nigeria

  • Date Published 14/01/2019
Judicial Reform And Transformation In Nigeria
Judicial Reform And Transformation In Nigeria

Societal transformation is one of the top policy thrusts of the current administration: 1 from the economy to education and health sectors, the hue and cry of transformation rings loud and clear in almost every sector of national life. The Nigeria judiciary, a creation of the Constitution, 2 is the 3 rd organ of government in the much espoused doctrine of the triumvirate of government. Alongside the executive and legislature, the judiciary holds the tripod of state affairs. Among the triumvirate of government, however, the judiciary is the one closest and most accessible to the mass of the citizenry; little wonder it is termed the last bastion of hope for the common man.The role of the judiciary in national affairs can never be under-rated. A weak judiciary means a normless society predicated on abuse of rule of law, injustice and inequality.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary Pages Preliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1Roadmap To Judicial Transformation: Through The Lens Of Retired And Serving Jurists Of The Supreme Court
  • Chapter 2Towards Fast Tracking Justice Delivery In Civil Proceedings In Nigeria
  • Chapter 3Towards Fast Tracking Justice Delivery In Economic And Financial Crimes Litigation: Is There Need For A Special Court?
  • Chapter 4Improving Case Management Coordination Amongst The Police, Prosecution And Court
  • Chapter 5Judicial Integrity In Nigeria: Challenges And Agenda For Action
  • Chapter 6Towards Enhancing The Independence Of The Nigerian Judiciary
  • Chapter 7Constitutional Court: A Mere Addition To Nigeria’s Judiscope?
  • Chapter 8Poverty, Agency And Struggle In The Human Rights Praxis Of The Supreme Court Of Nigeria (1990-2010): A Preliminary Assessment
  • Chapter 9Judicial Reform Of The Legal Framework For Human Rights Litigation In Nigeria: Novelties And Perplexities
  • Chapter 10Towards Addressing Infrastructural Challenges In The Nigerian Judiciary
  • Chapter 11Judicial Reform: The Plight Of Lower Court Judges
  • Chapter 12Appellate Process
  • Chapter 13Gender And Reproductive Health: Towards Advancing Judicial Reform In Nigerian Law
  • Chapter 14One Trademark, Two Courts: Ayman V. Akume Revisited
  • Chapter 15The Nigerian Judiciary: Towards Reform Of The Bastion Of Constitutional Democracy
  • Chapter 16Constitution Of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria, 1999 (fifth Alteration) Bill, 2012
  • General IndexGeneral Index

Judicial Reform And Transformation In Nigeria

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