Manual On Prison Pre-trial Detainee Law Clinic

  • Date Published 30/04/2019
Manual On Prison Pre-trial Detainee Law Clinic
Manual On Prison Pre-trial Detainee Law Clinic

The Manual on Prison Pre-trial Detainee Law Clinic provides detailed curriculum, lesson plan, methodology and activ ities to guide the train ing of law teachers, law students, paralegals and other prison criminal justice practitioners working in P rison Pre- trial Law Clinics or other criminal justice, human rights and access to justice projects and programmes in Nigeria.The Manual supports the Handbook on Prison Pre-trial Detainee Law Clinic that provides the basic text for law teachers, students and supervisors in a prison, human rights, access to justice and criminal justice clinic or programme.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary Pages Prereliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1Prison Pre-trial Detainee Law Clinic Curriculum
  • Chapter 2The Nigerian Criminal Justice System
  • Chapter 3Procedure For Instituting Criminal Proceedings
  • Chapter 4An Overview Of Human Rights Of Prisoners/pre-trial Detainees In Nigeria
  • Chapter 5Access To Justice
  • Chapter 6Role Of Law Clinics In Prison And Pre-trial Detention
  • Chapter 7Professional Responsibility And Ethics
  • Chapter 8Interviewing And Counselling At Prison Pre-trial Detainee Law Clinic
  • Chapter 9Report And Opinion Writing
  • Chapter 10File Management
  • Chapter 11Case Studies
  • Chapter 12Report Of The Prison Pre-trial Detainee Law Clinics Teachers Training And Curriculum Development Workshop Held In Port Harcourt, 21-23 August 2011
  • Chapter 13Guide To Law Clinics Wishing To Engage Their Students In A Prison Pre-trial Detainee Law Clinic: A Student’s Experience

Manual On Prison Pre-trial Detainee Law Clinic

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