Intellectual Property And Development: Lessons From Recent Economic Research

  • Date Published 15/07/2019
Intellectual Property And Development: Lessons From Recent Economic Research
Intellectual Property And Development: Lessons From Recent Economic Research

How will developing countries fare in this new international environment? This book brings together empirical research that assesses the effects of changing intellectual property regimes on various measures of economic and social performance-ranging from international trade, foreign investment and competition to innovation and access to new technologies. The studies presented point to an important development dimension to the protection of intellectual property. But a one-size fits all approach to intellectual property is unlikely to work. There is need to adjust intellectual property norms to domestic needs, taking into account developing countries' capacity to innovate, technological needs, and institutional capabilities. In addition, governments need to consider a range of complementary policies to maximize the benefits and reduce the costs of reformed intellectual property regulations.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary PagesPreliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1Why We Study Intellectual Property Rights And What We Have Learned
  • Chapter 2How Stronger Protection Of Intellectual Property Rights Affects International Trade Flows
  • Chapter 3The Role Of Intellectual Property Rights In Encouraging Foreign Direct Investment And Technology Transfer
  • Chapter 4Intellectual Property Rights And U.s. And German International Transactions In Manufacturing Industries
  • Chapter 5Intellectual Property Rights And Licensing: An Econometric Investigation
  • Chapter 6The Composition Of Foreign Direct Investment And Protection Of Intellectual Property Rights: Evidence From Transition Economies
  • Chapter 7Entering The Jungle Of Intellectual Property Rights Exhaustion And Parallel Importation
  • Chapter 8Parallel Imports In A Model Of Vertical Distribution: Theory, Evidence, And Policy
  • Chapter 9Developing And Distributing Essential Medicines To Poor Countries: The Defend Proposal
  • Chapter 10Patent Protection, Transnational Corporations, And Market Structure: A Simulation Study Of The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Chapter 11Strengthening Intellectual Property Rights In Lebanon
  • Chapter 12Intellectual Property Rights And Economic Development In China
  • IndexIndex

Intellectual Property And Development: Lessons From Recent Economic Research

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