Kwara State University Law Journal

  • Date Published 07/10/2021
Kwara State University  Law Journal
Kwara State University Law Journal

This is the maiden edition of the Kwara State University Malete, Law Journal. The aim is to bring to the reading public, academicians, and members of the bar and the bench robust legal discuss by seasoned researchers on diverse areas of law. The Journal covers topics such as:  1. Victim and Victimisation: The Unheard Voice of Crime Victims in the Nigerian Criminal Justice Process. 2. Role of Borstal Institutions in reducing Juvenile Recidivism in Nigeria. 3. Implications of National Security on Rule of Law in Nigeria 4. A Review of the Challenges of Air Pollution in Contemporary Nigerian and Global Environment. 5. Documentary and Electronic Evidence and Role of Expert Opinion in Common and Islamic Laws. 6. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): A Non-Judicial Mechanism in the Settlement of Environmental Disputes in Nigeria. 7. Analysis of the Composition of Board of Directors in the Nigerian Code of Corporate Governance, 2018. 8. The Role of Courts in the Interpretation of Taxing Statutes in Nigeria. 9. Legality of Arbitration and Conciliation Act (ACA) Under the 1999 Constitution.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary Pages Preliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1Victim And Victimisation: The Unheard Voice Of Crime Victims In The Nigerian Criminal Justice Process
  • Chapter 2Role Of Borstal Institutions In Reducing Juvenile Recidivism In Nigeria
  • Chapter 3Implications Of National Security On Rule Of Law In Nigeria
  • Chapter 4A Review Of Challenges Of Air Pollution In Contemporary Nigeria And Global Environment
  • Chapter 5Documentary And Electronic Evidence And Role Of Expert Opinion In Common And Islamic Laws
  • Chapter 6Alternative Dispute Resolution (adr): A Non-judicial Mechanism In The Settlement Of Environmental Disputes In Nigeria
  • Chapter 7The Role Of Courts In The Interpretation Of Taxing Statutes In Nigeria
  • Chapter 8Analysis Of The Composition Of Board Of Directors In The Nigerian Code Of Corporate Governance, 2018
  • Chapter 9Legality Of Arbitration And Conciliation Act (aca), Under The 1999 Constitution

Kwara State University Law Journal

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