Journal Of Air And Space Law

  • Date Published 14/01/2019
Journal Of Air And Space Law
Journal Of Air And Space Law

It is with satisfaction and utmost delight that the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies births its maiden journal on air and space law. Attention in Nigeria is currently being given to activities occurring in the air and space and this journal serves as one of the very first on the subject in Nigeria. This journal promises to further contribute to knowledge by educating and enlightening readers on pressing issues in the air and space sector. In order to guarantee a wide-range exchange of ideas, the journal will continuously receive manuscripts from scholars all over the world. The articles to be published in the journal will be such that will ensure that it is a leading authority on air and space law in Nigeria and also place it on same footing with its counterparts worldwide. In this maiden edition, the journal displays works from learned scholars from various jurisdictions who have dealt with topical issues on both aviation and space law. Although not exclusively bordering on Nigeria, this maiden edition mirrors practices in the Nigerian aviation industry.  The eight articles cover aspects of aviation and space law respectively. In relation to space law, the challenges of the existing legal regime of outer space in making adequate provision to prevent space debris is discussed as well as the legal regime of outer space.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary PagesPreliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1Space Debris Creation And Debris Fallout To Earth Surface: The Inadequacies Of The Legal Regimes
  • Chapter 2Air Carriers’ Liability For Delay Of Passengers Under Nigerian Law
  • Chapter 3Security, Policing And Other Emergency Applications Of Nigeria’s Space Program Within The Context Of International Space Law
  • Chapter 4Bilateral Agreement In Relation To Safe Air Service In The Aviation Industry
  • Chapter 5The Legal Framework On Space Exploration And Exploitation
  • Chapter 6Combating Crimes In Cyberspace: Examining The Relevance Of The Criminal Code Act And The Criminal Procedure Act
  • Chapter 7A Critical Review Of The Legal Framework For Consumer Protection In The Nigerian Aviation Industry
  • Chapter 8The Legal Liability Of Air Traffic Controllers
  • General IndexGeneral Index

Journal Of Air And Space Law

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