Money Laundering, Terrorism, Corruption, Human Trafficking In Nigeria

  • Date Published 05/02/2019
Money Laundering, Terrorism, Corruption, Human Trafficking In Nigeria
Money Laundering, Terrorism, Corruption, Human Trafficking In Nigeria

In the recent past, more countries are becoming vulnerable to the risks of money laundering and its contagious effects. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the scale of money laundering globally could be between 2% and 5% of World Gross Domestic Product at the very lowest. This translates into a range of anything between USDollars 590 billion to USD 1.5 trillion of laundered money per year. 1 According to a very recent release by the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), an estimated $129 billion dollars (equivalent to N21 trillion Naira) was illicitly transferred out of Nigeria in the last ten years (2003-2013). This book is intended primarily as an introductory text for law students in Nigerian Universities on this subject. It is hoped that researchers, legal practitioners, judges and the ordinary reader will also find it useful. A conscious effort has been made in every part to provide an appraisal so as to produce a concise work suitable for the needs of the above mentioned target group.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary Pages Preliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1Recent Trends In Regulating Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing In The Banking, Insurance And Capital Market Sectors Of The Financial Economy Of Nigeria: - Role Of The Financial Regulators
  • Chapter 2Overview Of The Legal Foundation In Combating Financing Of Terrorism (cft) In Nigeria
  • Chapter 3Tracing, Freezing, Confiscation, Recovery And Forfeiture Of Illegal Proceeds Of Money Laundering In Nigeria
  • Chapter 4Role Of Investigators And Prosecutors In Implementing The Legal Regime On Countering Financing Of Terrorism In Nigeria: - Issues, Challenges And Way Forward
  • Chapter 5Human Rights In Counter-terrorism Environments: With Particular Reference To Nigeria
  • Chapter 6Applicable Laws In Engaging Non-state Actors In Counter-insurgency Operations: - With Particular Reference To Nigeria
  • Chapter 7Combating Corruption And Abuse Of Public Office Through Compliance With The Code Of Conduct For Public Officers In Nigeria: - Role Of The Code Of Conduct Bureau, Tribunal And The Administration Of Criminal Justice Act, 2015
  • Chapter 8Recent Legal, Policy And Caselaw Trends In Combating Trafficking Of Children And Women In Nigeria

Money Laundering, Terrorism, Corruption, Human Trafficking In Nigeria

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