Journal Of Criminal Law And Justice

  • Date Published 16/01/2019
Journal Of Criminal Law And Justice
Journal Of Criminal Law And Justice

The Journal is an interdisciplinary journal designed to respond to intersecting fields and welcomes submissions from researchers and scholars from all disciplines. The fields of criminal law and criminal justice not only intersect in the thoughts and practice around them; they are interdependent in their development and of sufficient public significance to warrant exclusive devotion of a specialized journal. While scholarship around criminal justice has been more welcoming of multi-disciplinary approaches, explicable by the fact of the diversity of criminal justice practitioners, the historical approach has been to treat Criminal Law as a discourse area that is the exclusive remit of legal researchers, scholars and practitioners. The result has been the dichotomization of outlets for scholarship in both fields, limiting the opportunity for many practitioners to benefit from scholarship across the fields.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary PagesPreliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1Criminal Law, Disease Control And Hiv/aids: Contextualising Some Challenges Of The Nigerian Criminal Justice System
  • Chapter 2Constitutional Limit Of Entrapment As A Method Of Crime Detection In Nigeria
  • Chapter 3Reforms In The Nigerian Criminal Procedure Laws
  • Chapter 4A Review Of The Legislative And Institutional Frameworks For Combating Money Laundering In Nigeria
  • Chapter 5The Lagos Administration Of Criminal Justice Law (acjl) 2007: Legislative Rascality Or A Legal Menu For Access To Justice?
  • Chapter 6Sentencing In Criminal Cases In Nigeria And The Case For Paradigmatic Shifts
  • Chapter 7The Power To Prosecute Tax Offences

Journal Of Criminal Law And Justice

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