Legislative Drafting An Introduction To Theories And Principles

  • Date Published 16/10/2019
Legislative Drafting An Introduction To Theories And Principles
Legislative Drafting An Introduction To Theories And Principles

This book introduces the reader to the relevant theories and principles that are necessary for promoting quality legislation in the field of legislative drafting.The first of these principles is the necessity for a regulatory framework for legislative drafting as a holistic platform for promoting quality legislation. Closely related is the principle of effectiveness of legislation as the paramount goal in legislative drafting. By combining these two fundamental principles this book demonstrates how legislative drafters can improve the quality of legislation.The purpose of this book is not to lay down any hard-and-fast rules but to introduce the reader to principles derived from legislative drafting in the dominant jurisdictions of the common law, civil law and the European Union law.Using legislative drafting in Nigeria as a case study, this book demonstrates how application of these principles can prove beneficial even in the most challenging jurisdiction. Examples from Nigeria’s oil and gas legislation have been chosen to illustrate the hypothesis. Oil and gas legislation have been chosen considering its transnational nature and pervasive impact on the economy.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary PagesPreliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1Drafting And Legal Basis For Regulatory Framework For Effectiveness Of Legislation In Nigeria & Definition Of Terminology
  • Chapter 2Towards A Regulatory Framework For Definition Of ‘effectiveness’ In Drafting Legislation In Nigeria
  • Chapter 3Promoting Effectiveness Through A Regulatory Framework For Drafting Instructions And Instructions
  • Chapter 4Regulatory Framework For Efficiency In Allocation Of Responsibilities Among Drafting Institutions In Nigeria And Legislative Programme
  • Chapter 5Regulatory Framework For Improvement Of Effectiveness In Setting Law Drafting Standards For Pre-legislative Scrutiny Of Legislation
  • Chapter 6Teaching Legislative Drafting: The Necessity For Clinical Legal Education
  • BibliographyBibliography

Legislative Drafting An Introduction To Theories And Principles

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