Legal History Of Nigeria (2)

  • Date Published 05/01/2022
Legal History Of Nigeria (2)
Legal History Of Nigeria (2)

The Book on the NIALS Legal History of Nigeria was conceived after it became evident that a detailed chronological history of Nigeria was difficult to narrate in view of the antecedents of her people. Legal history is interested in how law and legal institutions operate and how they have changed over time in reaction to the dynamics of economic, social and political conditions in the country. The book therefore is the result of a meticulous work and research by selected intellectuals who are both in academics and practice of law and the topics discussed have been carefully selected to aggregate views on different aspect of Nigerian development.

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Book Chapters

  • Chapter 16The Constitutional Role Of The Legislature Viewed From A Nigerian Prism
  • Chapter 17An Appraisal Of The History Of Indirect Rule System In Nigeria
  • Chapter 18The Executive Powers Of The Prime-minister Under Parliamentary And The President Under Presidential Systems Of Government
  • Chapter 19The Evolution Of The Nigerian Judiciary And Key Issues On Rules Of Court
  • Chapter 20Constitutional Development Of Nigerian Courts
  • Chapter 21The Role Of Judiciary In The Development Of Law In Nigeria
  • Chapter 22An Overview Of Legal Education In Nigeria: Challenges & Prospects
  • Chapter 23Nigeria’s Legal Profession: Development Of Institutions And Systems
  • Chapter 24Role Of The Nigerian Bar In Legal And National Development: Prospects And Challenges
  • Chapter 25Foundation Of Nigerian Legal System
  • Chapter 26An Assessment Of Legal Pluralism And Internal Conflict Of Laws In Nigeria
  • Chapter 27Judicial Precedent In Nigerian Legal System
  • Chapter 28The Law And Nigeria’s Governance Crisis: Towards A New Legal Order
  • Chapter 29Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms And The Judiciary
  • Chapter 30Legal Analysis Of Nigeria’s Mining Law And Policy: A Historical Perspective

Legal History Of Nigeria (2)

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