Mutual Legal Assistance

  • Date Published 26/03/2019
Mutual Legal Assistance
Mutual Legal Assistance

This book Mutual Legal Assistance discusses extensively the manner States address the challenges that arise when faced with combating crimes trans- national crimes, while maintaining their sovereignty and upholding their nation’s laws. While some chapters deal with the standard format of MLAs and how they are negotiated; MLA as a Bilateral treaty and the role of the Office of the Attorney General in MLAs, other chapters specifically deal with topical issues such as Human Trafficking, Drug Law Enforcement, Enforcement of Economic crimes, Prosecution of Criminals, as they relate to the concept of Mutual Legal Assistance.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary Pages Preliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1 Standard Format Of Mutual Legal Assistance
  • Chapter 2Negotiating Mutual Legal Assistance
  • Chapter 3The Office Of The Attorney-general And Mutual Legal Assistance
  • Chapter 4Performance Evaluation Of Mutual Legalassistance (mla): A General Overview
  • Chapter 5Mutual Legal Assistance And Prosecution Of Criminals
  • Chapter 6Mutual Legal Assistance As A Bilateral Treaty
  • Chapter 7Extradition Clauses In Mutual Legal Assistance
  • Chapter 8Mutual Legal Assistance And Enforcement Of Economic Crimes
  • Chapter 9Mutual Legal Assistance And Counter Terrorism
  • Chapter 10Trafficking In Human Beings And Mutual Legal Assistance
  • Chapter 11Mutual Legal Assistance And Drug Law Enforcement
  • General IndexGeneral Index

Mutual Legal Assistance

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