Nigeria's Legislative Process

  • Date Published 14/01/2019
Nigeria's Legislative Process
Nigeria's Legislative Process

In most democratic societies, there are three organs of government- the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary; each having its own functions. In modern democracies, the powers of the Legislature in ensuring good governance cannot be over emphasised. The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999, vests the Legislature with the powers to make laws for the good governance of the Federation. At the Federal Level, the Nigerian Legislature operates a bicameral legislature with the Senate and the House of Representatives jointly referred to as the National Assembly. At the state level, it operates a unicameral legislature where each state has its own State House of Assembly.Nigeria has witnessed its longest ever democratic rule. Since 1999 when the military government handed over power to civilians, there have been four inaugurated assemblies including the current assembly. It can be said that giving the hitches in democratic governance, the Nigerian Legislative Process is maturing; time and events bring about experiences which become vital in building the human capacity sufficient to debate on and make our laws.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary PagesPreliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1Tenure And Inauguration Of Parliament In Nigeria
  • Chapter 2Institutional Essence, Core Purpose Of The National Assembly And Roles Of Principal Officers: The Imperative Of Best Fit Between Purpose, Structure And Calibre Of Leadership
  • Chapter 3Plenary Session And The Business Pattern Of The Legislature
  • Chapter 4Rules And Procedures Governing Legislative Process In Nigeria
  • Chapter 5Proceedings Of Subcommittees Of The National Assembly
  • Chapter 6An Appraisal Of The Exercise Of Legislative Oversight Under The 1999 Constitution
  • Chapter 7Expenditure And Financial Procedure Of Parliament
  • Chapter 8Contempt Of Legislature
  • Chapter 9Powers And Privileges Of Parliament In Nigeria: An Examination Of The Legislative Power To Investigate And The Freedom Of Speech
  • Chapter 10Penal Jurisdiction Of The National Assembly
  • Chapter 11Public Petition
  • Chapter 12Electoral Process
  • Chapter 13Executive Assent And Veto
  • Chapter 14Information Delivery And Legistlative Library: Matters Arising
  • Chapter 15Constitutionality Of Legislation
  • General IndexGeneral Index

Nigeria's Legislative Process

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