Journal Of Business Law

  • Date Published 14/01/2019
Journal Of Business Law
Journal Of Business Law

The reason for the passing of the Sherman Act was to combat the power of trusts. It was common for stock owners held in competing companies to transfer stocks to trustees who then controlled the activities of those competitors and consequently lessened competition between them; this is why it has become known as antitrust law in the United States. It is significant to state at this point that legislators whose votes were crucial to the enactment of these statutes cared more about the distribution of wealth, income and welfare of small businesses than they did about allocative efficiency, especially since the economic profession itself had no enthusiasm for antitrust policy. Anti-trust law developed in a series of judicial decisions in the half century following the Sherman Act in a rather ad hoc manner. This occurred as it went through an industrial revolution, i. e the Depression and the New Deal. Also in the 1950s the Structure-Conduct-Performance paradigm was developed by what is called the Harvard School, its major proponent being J. S. Bain. This led to the belief that markets were fragile and there is a need for an anti-trust policy which would intervene to protect small businesses against large firms.

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  • Preliminary Pages Preliminary Pages
  • Chapter 2Fiscal Provisions For Gas Development And Commercialisation Under The Petroleum Industry Bill (p.i.b.) 2009
  • Chapter 3An Appraisal Of The Regime Of Criminal Sanctions In Nigerian Tax Laws
  • Chapter 4An Analysis Of The Market Economy Approach To Consumer Protection
  • Chapter 5An Expository Study Of The Carriers Obligations And Liabilities Under The Rotterdam Rules
  • Chapter 6Reflections On The Attitude Of The Courts To Tax Incentive Mechanism In Nigeria
  • Chapter 7Global Perspectives In Tax Evasion And Avoidance: The Legal Quagmire In Nigeria
  • Chapter 8Abuja International Hotels Limited V. Meridien Sas
  • General IndexGeneral Index

Journal Of Business Law

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