Legal Empiricism And Writing Skills

  • Date Published 14/01/2019
Legal Empiricism And Writing Skills
Legal Empiricism And Writing Skills

It has been observed that theoretical research into written words is one of the most important tools of the legal profession as written words are used to advocate, inform, persuade and instruct. However, owing to the relationship between the conceptual purview of the theory and the external criteria proof afforded by empirical data and other socio – economic factors on legal research. It has become necessary to shift to the empirical dimension of legal scholarship. The Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (NIALS) was established in March, 1979 as Nigeria’s apex Institution for research and advanced studies in law and related disciplines. The institute in the fulfilment of its statutory mandate, conducts research and publishes its findings in books, journals, reports, monographs, periodicals and other learned collections for dissemination and accessibility to meet the country’s needs and enhance growth.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary Pages Preliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1Preparing Successful Research Grant Applications: Outlines Of A Guideline
  • Chapter 2Restatement Of Customary Law As A Research Outlet
  • Chapter 3Literature Search And Review
  • Chapter 4Collating And Processing Field Data
  • Chapter 5Research Skills And Outlets
  • Chapter 6Research Evaluation, Findings And Reports
  • Chapter 7Research Findings And Report
  • Chapter 8Research Findings And Report
  • Chapter 9Academic Supervision
  • Chapter 10Introduction To Legal Writing
  • Chapter 11Crossing The Bridge Of A Graduate Programme: A Practical Guide To Writing A Dissertation In Law With Ease
  • Chapter 12English And The Practice Of Law In Nigeria: Command Of Language And Advocacy
  • Chapter 13The Hallmarks Of A Legal Opinion
  • Chapter 14Brief Writing At The Court Of Appeal/supreme Court
  • General IndexGeneral Index
  • Cases And StatutesCases And Statutes

Legal Empiricism And Writing Skills

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