Advanced Business Laws(vol 1)

  • Date Published 04/08/2020
Advanced Business Laws(vol 1)
Advanced Business Laws(vol 1)

This textbook provides context and essential concepts across the entire range of legal issues with which managers and business executives must grapple. The text provides the vocabulary and legal acumen necessary for businesspeople to talk in an educated way to their customers, employees, suppliers, government officials—and to their own lawyers.

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Book Chapters

  • Introduction Introduction
  • Chapter 1Introduction To Law And Legal Systems
  • Chapter 2Corporate Social Responsibility And Business Ethics
  • Chapter 3Courts And The Legal Process
  • Chapter 4Constitutional Law And Us Commerce
  • Chapter 5Administrative Law
  • Chapter 6Criminal Law
  • Chapter 7Introduction To Tort Law
  • Chapter 8Introduction To Sales And Leases
  • Chapter 9Title And Risk Of Loss
  • Chapter 10Performance And Remedies
  • Chapter 11Products Liability
  • Chapter 12Bailments And The Storage, Shipment, And Leasing Of Goods
  • Chapter 13Nature And Form Of Commercial Paper
  • Chapter 14Negotiation Of Commercial Paper

Advanced Business Laws(vol 1)

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