Introduction To Jurisprudence: Classical And Islamic

  • Date Published 10/02/2019
Introduction To Jurisprudence: Classical And Islamic
Introduction To Jurisprudence: Classical And Islamic

Jurisprudence refers to the study of the nature, scope, functions, relevance, purpose, efficacy, and reform of the law; it refers also to the study of legal concepts, doctrines, norms, and institutions of various legal systems, it refers further to the study of the relationship between law and justice, morality, society, development and other disciplines such as history, philosophy, logic, medicine, economics, sociology, criminology, psychology and political science. Legal education will be incomplete without a knowledge of Jurisprudence which alone provides the student with the unique opportunity of viewing the law in its socio-economic, political, historical and philosophical contexts.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary Pages Preliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1Jurisprudence – Classical
  • Chapter 2Law, Justice, Development, Information And Communications Technology
  • Chapter 3The Relationship Between Law And Morality:the Nigerian Experience
  • Chapter 4Role Of Judges In The Development Of Jurisprudence
  • Chapter 5Theories Of Law
  • Chapter 6Characteristics And Development Of Islamic Jurisprudence
  • Chapter 7Concept Of Law In Islamic Jurisprudence
  • Chapter 8Law And Justice In Islamic Jurisprudence
  • Chapter 9Classical Jurisprudence - Legal Sources And Concepts
  • Chapter 10Legal Concepts
  • Chapter 11Legal Sources And Concepts In Islamic Jurisprudence
  • Chapter 12Effects Of The Tests Of Enforceability Of Customary Law On The Application Of Islamic Law In Nigeria
  • Chapter 13Custom (urf) As A Source Of Islamic Law
  • Chapter 14Case Review: Is Judicial Precedent An Islamic Law Doctrine? Karimatu Yakubu V. Yakubu Paiko
  • Chapter 15Constitutionalism In Islamic Law:- An Appraisal
  • Chapter 16An Overview Of Human Rights And The Administration Of Justice Under The Sharia In Nigeria:- With Particular Reference To Children And Women
  • Chapter 17Legal Pluralism And The Development Of The Rule Of Law In Nigeria: - Issues And Challenges In The Development And Application Of The Sharia
  • Chapter 18Philosophy And Concepts Of Reproductive Health And Rights:- Issues In Jurisprudence And Contemporary Patterns Of Violations Of Women’s Reproductive And Sexual Health Rights In Selected Countries
  • Chapter 19Towards An Effective National System For Access To Justice In Environmental Maters

Introduction To Jurisprudence: Classical And Islamic

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