Nigerian Current Law Review
Nigerian Current Law Review

This is the Sixth issue of the Nigerian Current Law Review published to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies. It covers the period 2007 – 2010.The ten articles in the volume deal with contemporary issues on the Nigerian and African perspectives of current global issues and legal developments.These articles are topical, carefully researched and highly informative contribution to knowledge. We acknowledge the work of the authors and state that only ten out of over forty-five articles submitted survived the process of external assessment.The Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies as an engine room for legal research promises to keep the journal alive. We therefore welcome scholarly contributions for the next Volume.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary Pages Preliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1An Overview Of The Plea Of Non Est Factum And Section 3 Of The Illiterates Protection Law (1994) Of Lagos State In Contracts Made By Illiterates In Nigeria
  • Chapter 2Anti-dumping And Countervaling Measures And Developing Countries: Recent Development
  • Chapter 3Causation And Scientific Evidence In Product Liability: An Exploration Of Contemporary Trends In Canada And Some Lessons For Nigeria
  • Chapter 4Land Reforms And The Future Of Land Use Act In Nigeria
  • Chapter 5Reflections On Participation Regimes In Nigeria’s Oil Sector
  • Chapter 6What Is The Much Ado About Environmental Law: Another Addition To The Rhetorics?
  • Chapter 7Analysis Of Legal Issues Involved In The Termination Of “double-decker’’ Marriage Under Nigeria Law
  • Chapter 8Caught Within Their Borders: The Global Crisis Faced By The International Community Of Internally Displaced Persons
  • Chapter 9Limitation Of Actions Under The Public Officers’ Protection Act: Evaluation Of Jus Dicere And The Poverty Of The Declaratory Theory Of Judicial Methodology
  • Chapter 10Reconsidering Executive Immunity Under The Nigerian Constitution
  • General IndexGeneral Index

Nigerian Current Law Review

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