Cabotage Law In Nigeria

  • Date Published 14/01/2019
Cabotage Law In Nigeria
Cabotage Law In Nigeria

It has long been established that Nigeria’s maritime sector has the potential of contributing greatly to improving the Nigerian economy through her involvement in cargo reservation, carriage of both wet and dry cargo and passengers. It is almost impossible for Nigeria however to attain a world class shipping status if she cannot dominate her own Water ways. It is no wonder that pioneer campaigners for Cabotage in the Country thought it fit to ensure that appropriate laws were put in place to enable Nigeria domination as a stepping stone to benefitting immensely from the maritime markets through subsequent consolidated and deliberate strategies. Nine years down the lane of the enactment of the Coastal and Inland Shipping Act, the excitement and shouts of victory that heralded its passage into law seem to be a distant memory, with very sparse literature on the subject, owing to the fact that nothing has seemingly changed since the enactment of the law.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary Pages Preliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1History Of Cabotage Law In Nigeria
  • Chapter 2Cabotage Law In Other Maritime Jurisdictions: A Comparative Study
  • Chapter 3General Overview Of Coastall Inland Shipping Inland Shipping Act
  • Chapter 4Restrictions Of Vessels For Domestic Trade Under The Nigerian Cabotage Act: Extent And Scope
  • Chapter 5Carriage Of Petroleum Products: Protection Of Nigerianshipping Companies Under The Cabotage Act
  • Chapter 6Waivers And The Grant Of Waivers Under The Cabotage Act: An Overview Of The Procedure, Practice And Challenges
  • Chapter 7Registration Of Vessels Under The Act: Practice And Procedure
  • Chapter 8 Nigerian Owned Vessels Under The Cabotage Act
  • Chapter 9 Jurisdiction, Enforcement Of Provisions, Offences And Punishment Under The Cabotage Act
  • Chapter 10Corporate Criminal Liability Under The Cabotage Act
  • Chapter 11The Cabotage Vessel Fund As A Tool For Development Of Indegenous Tonnage Capacity
  • Chapter 12Foreign Vessel Financing Under The Nigerian Coastal And Inland Shipping Act
  • Chapter 13Guidelines On The Issuance Of License By The Minister; A Statutory Instrument?
  • Chapter 14Implementation Guidelines Under The Cabotage Regime In Nigeria
  • Chapter 15Guidelines On Implementation Of Coastal And Inland Shipping (cabotage) Act, 2003
  • General IndexGeneral Index

Cabotage Law In Nigeria

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