Contemporary Nigerian Admiralty Law Issues

  • Date Published 26/04/2021
Contemporary Nigerian Admiralty Law Issues
Contemporary Nigerian Admiralty Law Issues

The papers in this Contemporary Nigerian Admiralty Law Issue, Volume III, 2020 provide an analytical expose on the investigation, prosecution, punishment, implementation and enforcement of the SPOMO Act in Nigeria. They provide a unique contribution to knowledge to the existing body of maritime literature in Nigeria, and a blueprint for action for other countries in the Gulf of Guinea. This publication will serve as an invaluable reference material for justice sector actors, university students/researchers and law lecturers within and outside Nigeria.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary PagesPreliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1Combating Piracy In Nigeria And The Suppression Of Piracy And Other Maritime Offences Act 2019
  • Chapter 2Maritime Crimes In The Gulf Of Guinea: The Role Of International Law In Combating Piracy And Related Crimes
  • Chapter 3Maritime Crimes: An Examination Of The Basis For Criminal Jurisdiction Over Pirates In Nigeria And The Gulf Of Guinea Waters
  • Chapter 4State Jurisdiction Over Pirates: Relevance Of The Newly Acted Suppression Of Piracy And Other Maritime Offences (spomo) Act In Maritime Prosecution
  • Chapter 5An Assessment Of Human Rights Obligations In Maritime Law Enforcement From A Nigerian Perspective In Piracy And Armed Robbery Against Ships.
  • Chapter 6The Investigation Of Crimes In Nigeria Under The Suppression Of Piracy And Other Maritime Offences Act: Challenges And Potential Solutions.
  • Chapter 7Punishing Acts Of Maritime Piracy And The Role Of Courts: The Nigerian Legal Framework As A Model National Law For The Gulf Of Guinea
  • Chapter 8Communique On The 9 Th Strategic Admiralty Seminar For Judges. Radisson Blu Hotel Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, Victoria Island 19-21 February 2020

Contemporary Nigerian Admiralty Law Issues

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