Nigeria: A Century Of Constitutional Evolution 1914-2014

  • Date Published 25/03/2019
Nigeria: A Century Of Constitutional Evolution 1914-2014
Nigeria: A Century Of Constitutional Evolution 1914-2014

The book is a book of many facets which explores the history of Nigeria while discussing Constitutional developments. As a historical book, it ignites the memories of our Constitutional history by discussing the legal regime and administration of pre-colonial Nigeria; the attainment of independence; post independence administration, military interventions, development of the regions; state creation; and Constitutional amendments. In displaying the structure of government, the book touches on federalism, presidentialism and unitary governance in Nigeria. It also examines issues such as minority rights in Nigeria, military administration and the civil war which have threatened the peaceful co existence of the country at one time or the other. The impact of Constitutional development on the sharing of revenue resources, electoral bodies and financial institutions is also discussed. The future of Nigeria with the current 1999 Constitution is essentially detailed with academic opinions on ways in which the Constitution can adequately be what it is meant to be, so also, the importance of political will on the part of the people.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary PagesPreliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1Colonialism And The Northern Protectorate
  • Chapter 2Administration Of Southern Protectorate
  • Chapter 3Legal Regime Of Amalgamation Of Northern And Southern Protectorates
  • Chapter 4Constitutional Conferences And Political Bureaus: Revisiting Transition From Military To Constitutional Democracy
  • Chapter 5The Nigerian Independence Constitution 1960
  • Chapter 6Patterns Of Federalism From 1960 -1966
  • Chapter 7Minority Rights In First Republic Nigeria
  • Chapter 8Midwest Region: Creation, Composition And Constitution
  • Chapter 9Midwest Region: Creation, Composition And Constitution
  • Chapter 10Secession Of Eastern Nigeria
  • Chapter 11Reconstruction And Rehabilitation After The Civil War
  • Chapter 12Creation Of States In Nigeria
  • Chapter 13The 1979 Constitution In Perspective
  • Chapter 14Political Parties Of The Second Republic
  • Chapter 15Devolution Of Powers In Second Republic
  • Chapter 16Fundamental Objectives And Directive Principles Of State Policy
  • Chapter 22The Formal Evolution Of The Nigerian Bill Of Rights: From The Willink Commission Proposal To The 1999 Constitution
  • Chapter 23Economic And Social Rights: A Century Of Constitutional Subordination In Nigeria
  • Chapter 24Nigerian Constitutional Scheme On The Sharing Of Revenue Resources And It’s Implementation: An Assessment

Nigeria: A Century Of Constitutional Evolution 1914-2014

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