Nigerian Current Law Review(2020-2021)

  • Date Published 10/05/2022
Nigerian Current Law Review(2020-2021)
Nigerian Current Law Review(2020-2021)

The NCLR was established in 1982 as a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the publishing of scholarly works on contemporary legal issues. In keeping with the purpose of the Journal, this 2020/21 volume (Issue I) contains 11 scholarly articles from different fields of law including: Digital Law, Constitutional Law, Human Rights Law, Child Rights, Commercial Law and Family Law. These articles contain incisive analysis of the relevant statute, legal principles and case law on the various thematic areas interrogated.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary Pages Preliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1Privacy And Data Protection In The Digital Age: Does Nigeria Need A Data Protection Law?
  • Chapter 2Electoral Justice V Legal Justice In Nigeria: Do The Waters Mix
  • Chapter 3Arbitration As A Mechanism For Resolving Domestic Tax Disputes: The Path To A Legal Regime In Nigeria
  • Chapter 4Constitutional Immunity For The Executive And The Challenges Of Good Governance In Nigeria
  • Chapter 5Evaluating The Legal Framework For Protection Of The Financial Welfare Of Women And Children On Relationship Breakdown In Nigeria
  • Chapter 6Interrogating The Pre-appropriating Spending Framework As Good Governance And Anti Corruption Instrument
  • Chapter 7Interim Measures In International Commercial Arbitration: A Comparison Of The Nigerian And South-african Framework
  • Chapter 8Ohada And The Harmonisation Process Amidst Covid-19-some Important Consideration For Member States And Companies
  • Chapter 9The Uncertainty Poised By Double Deck Marriage In Nigeria
  • Chapter 10Critical Reflections On Combating Trafficking In Human Organs In Nigeria
  • Chapter 11Code Of Conduct Tribunal: Is The Chairman And The Members Under The Disciplinary Authority Of The National Judicial Council

Nigerian Current Law Review(2020-2021)

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