The Uwais Court: The Supreme Court And The Challenge Of Legal Development

  • Date Published 25/03/2019
The Uwais Court: The Supreme Court And The Challenge Of Legal Development
The Uwais Court: The Supreme Court And The Challenge Of Legal Development

This book is an admirable study of the Supreme Court under the leadership of the Honourable Justice Mohammadu Lawal Uwais, GCON, Chief Justice of Nigeria (1995 – 2006). This work is unique in several ways: First, it is the first academic study by the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, of the works of the Supreme Court. Secondly, it is also the first study of the period of any Chief Justice of Nigeria. This is the first time that one could effectively refer to a period in the life of the Court by reference to the Chief Justice of the period. We are then presented, in this book, a study of the Uwais Court 1995 – 2006. Be that not all. Thirdly, the Chief Justice under reference happens to be a Fellow of the distinguished Institution known as the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary Pages Preliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1What Has Been Done
  • Chapter 2A Statistical Compilation Of Cases Decided By The Uwais Court (1995-2006)
  • Chapter 3The Status And Powers Of Tribunals Of Enquiry
  • Chapter 4The Evolution Of The Disciplinary Powers Of Nigerian Universities 1995-2006
  • Chapter 5The Supreme Court And The Regulation Of Interest Rates In The Banking Sector (1995 – 2005)
  • Chapter 6A Note On The Supreme Court And The Application Of The Rule In Foss V. Harbottle
  • Chapter 7Interpretation Of Tax Statutes: An Examination Of The Supreme Court Approach
  • Chapter 8The Supreme Court And The Development Of Consumer Protection In Nigeria
  • Chapter 9The Constitutional Immunity Of Elected Officials
  • Chapter 10 The Supreme Court And The Resolution Of Election Petitions: Expediency As A Factor
  • Chapter 11The Doctrine Of Covering The Field And Its Application Under The 1999 Constitution
  • Chapter 12Resource Control In A Federation: The Nigerian Experience
  • Chapter 13Access To Justice: The Role Of The Supreme Court
  • Chapter 14The Supreme Court And The Power Of The Police To Prosecute
  • Chapter 15Individual Rights Under The African Charter: Re-evaluating Abacha V. Fawehinmi
  • Chapter 16Supreme Court Policy In Relation To Customary Law Cases
  • Chapter 17The Supreme Court And Oil Spillage Cases In Nigeria: Some Issues And Challenges
  • Chapter 18The Citizen, Institutional Duty And Discretionary Remedies
  • Chapter 19The Supreme Court And Pre-action Notice

The Uwais Court: The Supreme Court And The Challenge Of Legal Development

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