Public-private Partnership In Infrastructure Delivery

  • Date Published 05/01/2022
Public-private Partnership In Infrastructure Delivery
Public-private Partnership In Infrastructure Delivery

In countries around the world, budgetary constraints mean that governments struggle to execute large scale and often capital intensive projects to bridge infrastructure gaps. Consequently, it has become the practice to involve the private sector in infrastructure development in order to ease the financial burden, step-down the risks inherent in carrying out infrastructure projects and expedite the provision of infrastructure. Involvement of the private sector can cover the gap, attract private financing and bring innovation, expertise, efficiency and sustainable development into infrastructure delivery.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary PagesPreliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1Attracting Foreign Direct Investment Into Greenfield Ppp Infrastructure Development: An Analysis Of Some Key Considerations
  • Chapter 2Dealing With Contingent Liabilities
  • Chapter 3Drafting And Negotiation Of Publicprivate Partnership Contracts
  • Chapter 4Engendering Public-private Partnership In The New Nigeria’s Electricity Supply Industry
  • Chapter 5Evolution Of Public Private Partnership In Nigeria, Legal And Regulatory Framework
  • Chapter 6Fundamentals Of Public Private Partnerships
  • Chapter 7Public Private Partnership In Nigerla: Algorithm And The Templates
  • Chapter 8Public Private Partnerships And The Development Of Road Infrastructure In Nigeria: Issues And Prospects
  • Chapter 9Railway Public Private Partnerships (ppps) In Nigeria
  • Chapter 10Infrastructure Regulation: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
  • Chapter 11Restructuring Of Public Enterprises For Privatization, Commercialization And Public-private Partnerships In Nigeria: An Overview
  • Chapter 12Risk In Public Private Partnerships
  • General IndexGeneral Index

Public-private Partnership In Infrastructure Delivery

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