Combating Cyber Crime

  • Date Published 13/05/2019
Combating Cyber Crime
Combating Cyber Crime

Advances in technologies over the last 20 years have affected virtually every aspect of the way we live and conduct our daily lives. While these technologies have been a source of good and enabled social and economic progress around the world, hardly a day goes by without news of yet another cyberattack, or the use of technology in the commission of crime. Here, at the World Bank, we know that in order for technologies, including the internet, to continue to be used as a force for economic growth and development, measures must be taken to ensure the security of the internet and the data and communications that flow over it. This Toolkit, Combating Cybercrime: Tools and Capacity Building for Emerging Economies, aims at building capacity to combat cybercrime among policy-makers, legislators, public prosecutors and investigators, as well as among individuals and in civil society at large in developing countries by providing a synthesis of good practices in the policy, legal and criminal-justice aspects of the enabling environment necessary to combat cybercrime.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary Pages Preliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1Challenges To Fighting Cybercrime
  • Chapter 2Foundational Considerations
  • Chapter 3National Legal Frameworks
  • Chapter 4Safeguards
  • Chapter 5International Cooperation
  • Chapter 6Capacity Building
  • Chapter 7In-country Assessment Tool
  • Chapter 8Analysis & Conclusion
  • Chapter 9Appendices
  • Chapter 10Bibliography

Combating Cyber Crime

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