Competition Law And Policy In Nigeria

  • Date Published 14/01/2019
Competition Law And Policy In Nigeria
Competition Law And Policy In Nigeria

The role of competition policy in development strategies and the specific features of institutional design that are most conducive to development have been constant areas of enquiry in development economies. Standard economic theory holds tells us that competitive forces work best and deliver the expected outcomes when there exists a market that is not overridden by distortions. The model of free market economies is a theoretical construct with great historical power. It is the model that is introduced at the beginning of every economics text book and has been canonized with the authority of Adam Smith, the founder of modern economics. Free competition is a fundamental assumption in any market economy and has even been seen as one of the foundations for democratic societies.Competition law in Nigeria is undoubtedly still a novel concept, although several attempts have been made to implement competition law legislation.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary PagesPreliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1Overview Of Competition Law
  • Chapter 2A Principled Approach To The Design And Implementation Of Competition Policy In Nigeria
  • Chapter 3Privatisation: Monopoly Money Or Competition?
  • Chapter 4Privatization And Regulation: Inevitable Siblings
  • Chapter 5Competition Law And National Security
  • Chapter 6Agricultural Sector, Competition Law And Regulation In Nigeria: A Look At The United States Anti Trust Law
  • Chapter 7Electricity In Nigeria: A Need To End A Natural Monopoly
  • Chapter 8Competition And Intellectual Property Regimes; A Case For Balancing
  • Chapter 9Competition As A Vital Tool In Stimulating Investment In Mineral/natural Resources Sector
  • Chapter 10Abuse Of Dominance In Transition Economies
  • General IndexGeneral Index

Competition Law And Policy In Nigeria

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