Understanding Civil War

  • Date Published 20/05/2019
Understanding Civil War
Understanding Civil War

The two volumes of Understanding Civil War build upon the World Bank's prior research on conflict and violence, particularly on the work of Paul Collier and Anke Hoeffler, whose model of civil war onset has sparked much discussion on the relationship between conflict and development in what came to be known as the "greed" versus "grievance" debate. The authors systematically apply the Collier-Hoeffler model to 15 countries in 6 different regions of the world, using a comparative case study methodology to revise and expand upon economic models of civil war. (The countries selected are Burundi, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Kenya, Mozambique, Sudan, Algeria, Mali, Senegal, Indonesia, Lebanon, Russian Federation, Colombia, Northern Ireland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, and the Caucasus.) The book concludes that the "greed" versus "grievance" debate should be abandoned for a more complex model that considers greed and grievance as inextricably fused motives for civil war.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary PagesPreliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1The Collier-hoeffler Model Of Civil War Onset And The Case Study Project Research Design
  • Chapter 2 Civil War And Its Duration In Burundi
  • Chapter 3The Economics Of Civil War: The Case Of The Democratic Republic Of Congo
  • Chapter 4Theory Versus Reality: Civil War Onset And Avoidance In Nigeria Since 1960
  • Chapter 5Sporadic Ethnic Violence: Why Has Kenya Not Experienced A Full-blown Civil War?
  • Chapter 6The Civil War In Mozambique:the Balance Between Internal And External Influences
  • Chapter 7Sudan’s Civil War: Why Has It Prevailed For So Long?
  • Chapter 8Algeria, 1992–2002: Anatomy Of A Civil War
  • Chapter 9Senegal And Mali
  • Chapter 10Conclusion: Using Case Studies To Refine And Expand The Theory Of Civil War
  • IndexIndex

Understanding Civil War

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