Unification Of Criminal Laws Of Nigeria

  • Date Published 25/03/2019
Unification Of Criminal Laws Of Nigeria
Unification Of Criminal Laws Of Nigeria

The idea of a unified criminal law has been raised and mooted in several discussions owing to the many challenges that arises from an attempt to carry out same. The most glaring challenge arises from the fact that all states are constitutionally empowered to create applicable criminal laws. Although States have not departed majorly from the two Acts (Criminal and Penal Code), a perusal of the laws would reveal that some states are more advanced and proactive in the review of the criminal laws and punishment. A dedicated attempt by the States to review their criminal law and indeed all laws regularly may just be the solution to eradicating the disparity in the development of criminal law in Nigeria as a whole.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary Pages Preliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1Proposed Unification Of Criminal Laws Of Nigeria
  • Chapter 2Research Methodology Used In The Research Project On Proposed Unification Of Criminal And Penal Laws In Nigeria
  • Chapter 3A Bill For A Law(act) To Establish The Unified Criminal Laws In Nigeria

Unification Of Criminal Laws Of Nigeria

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