Law Of Domestic Violence In Nigeria

  • Date Published 27/03/2019
Law Of Domestic Violence In Nigeria
Law Of Domestic Violence In Nigeria

The world over, domestic violence has become a matter of utmost concern because of the harm it causes to women and children who are regarded as the most vulnerable members of society. The book “LAW OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN NIGERIA” intends to create an awareness for victims of violence and abuse. It will also serve as a tool to address all harmful practices that affect women especially in our society. It is expected that the robust scholarly discussions assembled in this book will go a long way to broaden the horizon and perspective of readers on the issues of Domestic Violence and indeed raise thought provoking questions.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary Pages Preliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1Developing An International Perspective On Domestic Violence: A Case Study Of Nigerian Women Abroad
  • Chapter 2An Appraisal Of The Impact Of Battered Women Syndrome On Criminal Defences In Nigeria
  • Chapter 3The Perspective Of Nigerian Women On Domestic Violence
  • Chapter 4Domestic Violence And Rule Of “protective Law”
  • Chapter 5An Analysis Of Domestic Violence Against Women In The United States
  • Chapter 6Domestic Violence: The Problem Pervading Nigeria
  • Chapter 7Gender-based Domestic Violence In Nigeria: A Socio-legal Perspective
  • Chapter 8Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children; A Nigerian Syndrome
  • Chapter 9Domestic Violence In Nigeria: Negotiating Litigation As An Alternative To Non – Adjudicatory Dispute Resolution
  • Chapter 10Customary Law Perspective Of Violence Against Women; The Position Under The Nigerian Legal System
  • Chapter 12Inequality In Society And The Impact On Women
  • Chapter 13Domestic Violence: When The Law Fails To Protect
  • Chapter 14Infertility, Women And Domestic Violence In Nigeria
  • Chapter 15Family Violence And Child Abuse
  • General IndexGeneral Index

Law Of Domestic Violence In Nigeria

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