Nials Journal Of Environmental Law Volume Vi

  • Date Published 07/09/2020
Nials Journal Of Environmental Law Volume Vi
Nials Journal Of Environmental Law Volume Vi

The NIALS Journal of Environmental Law (NJEL) is a peer reviewed Journal published by the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies. The NJEL aims to publish works of the highest quality that will serve not only to advance the subject of Environmental law, but also consolidate the analytical thinking, underpinning new and established issues of environmental law and policy.This volume contains 10 articles dealing with different environmental themes such as: Sustainable Integrated Solid Waste Management, Right to Healthy Environment, Regulation of Gas Flaring, Regulation of Vehicular Emission and Greening the Judiciary. The articles interrogate a wide range of contemporary legal and policy issues as they relate to the environment and contain recommendations for reform.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary PagesPreliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1Legislative Effort At Vehicular Emissions Reduction In Nigeria: An Assessment
  • Chapter 2A Critical Analysis Of The Nigerian Offshore Oil Risk Governance Regime Post-macondo
  • Chapter 3Fostering The Right To Healthy Environment Towards A Sustainable Integrated Solid Waste Management
  • Chapter 4The Compatibility Of International Human Rights Law And International Environmental Law On The Protection Of The Environment
  • Chapter 5An Assessment Of The Legal Framework For The Regulation Of Gas Flaring In Nigeria
  • Chapter 6International Environmental Law And Sustainability: Towards A Lex Specialis On Sustainable Development
  • Chapter 7Appraisal Of The Statutory And Regulatory Approach To Air Pollution In Nigeria
  • Chapter 8Issues In Petroleum Pollution Regulation In Nigeria: Drawing Lessons From America’s Decentralized Regulatory Experience
  • Chapter 9‘greening’ The Judiciary In Nigeria: Is Establishing Environmental Courts And Tribunals An Imperative?
  • Chapter 10Institutional Framework For Wildlife Conservation In Nigeria: Challenges And Prospects

Nials Journal Of Environmental Law Volume Vi

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