Foreign Investment Promotion

  • Date Published 14/01/2019
Foreign Investment Promotion
Foreign Investment Promotion

The continuing debate about the role of foreign investment in any country has led to the development of different theories about its utility particularly in developing countries.  In the last two decades, Nigeria has oscillated between an economy characterized largely by state control of the commanding heights of the economy and lately, a deregulated economy pivoted on the commercialization and privatization policies of the Federal government. A basic feature of the policy thrust of the latter is the effort to attract foreign investment into virtually all sectors of the deregulated economy.  This move became more obvious in the closing years of the twentieth century with government efforts directed at creating a favourable environment for foreign investment.The policy lent itself to the comments and appraisal of the public.  In keeping with our statutory mandate to promote and undertake research, the Institute’s Department of International Law organized two roundtables on the themes “Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection in Nigeria” and “International Trade and Globalization” in 1999 & 2000.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary PagesPreliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1An Appraisal Of The Legal And Institutional Regime For Foreign Investment Promotion And Protection In Nigeria
  • Chapter 2Security, Stability, Foreign Investment And Economic Development In An Emerging Democracy: The Imperative Of Good Governance
  • Chapter 3Image Building And Investment Generation Prospects For Nigeria
  • Chapter 4Issues In Facilitating Foreign Investment For National Development In Nigeria
  • Chapter 5Infrastructural Development As An Imperative For The Attraction Of Foreign Investment In Nigeria
  • Chapter 6Foreign Investment And National Security In Developing Countries Under The Globalised Environment: The Nigerian Perspective
  • Chapter 7International Trade And Globalisation: An Overview Of Its Implications For Nigeria
  • Chapter 8International Trade And Globalisation: The Socio-political And Economic Realities For Nigeria
  • Chapter 9A Trade Policy Matrix Schema For Nigeria In A Globalised Economy
  • Chapter 10Towards Accessing The Global Market: Strategies For Nigeria And Other Developing Countries
  • Chapter 11Nigeria And The World Trade Organisation (wto): The Crises Of Binding Multilateral Organisation Vs Local Realities
  • Chapter 12W.t.o. And The Dynamics Of International Trade In An Era Of Globalisation: Grievance Redress Mechanism In Focus
  • General IndexGeneral Index
  • Table Of StatutesTable Of Statutes

Foreign Investment Promotion

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