The World Bank Legal Review: Law And Justice For Development Volume 1

  • Date Published 20/05/2019
The World Bank Legal Review: Law And Justice For Development Volume 1
The World Bank Legal Review: Law And Justice For Development Volume 1

Legal and regulatory aspects of E-Commerece and the Internet, by Hank Intven, Rdichard Pfohl, Cheryl Slusarchuk, and Barry Sookman. Intellectual property rights and the protection of public health in developing countries, by Carlos M. Correa. Assessing a bill in terms of the public interest : the legislator's role in the law-making process, by Ann Seidman and Robert Seidman. Property rights issues in common property regimes for forestry, by John Bruce. The quality of Judges, by Hon. Sandra E. Oxner. The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the World Bank, by Ko-Yung Tung. Islamic law on interest : the 1999 Pakistan Supreme Court decision on Riba, by Akhtar Hamid. The instrument establishing the World Bank prototype carbon fund (PCF) and the first PCF emission reduction purchase agreement. Ethical norms for the judicial branch of the Republic of Guatemala. The right to housing : Government of the Republic of South Africa, and others v. Grootboom and others. Agreement establishing the African trade insurance agency. China and the knowledge economy : seizing the 21st century . Principles and guidelines for effective insolvency and creditor rights systems.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary PagesPreliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1Legal And Regulatory Aspects Of E-commerce And The Internet
  • Chapter 2Intellectual Property Rights And The Protection Of Public Health In Developing Countries
  • Chapter 3Assessing A Bill In Terms Of The Public Interest: The Legislator’s Role In The Law-making Process
  • Chapter 4Property Rights Issues In Common Property Regimes For Forestry
  • Chapter 5The Quality Of Judges
  • Chapter 6The Federal Republic Of Yugoslavia And The World Bank
  • Chapter 7Islamic Law On Interest: The 1999 Pakistan Supreme Court Rulings On Riba
  • Chapter 8The Instrument Establishing The World Bank Prototype Carbon Fund (pcf) And The First Pcf Emission Reductions Purchase Agreement
  • Chapter 9Ethical Norms For The Judicial Branch Of The Republic Of Guatemala
  • Chapter 10The Right To Housing
  • Chapter 11Agreement Establishing The African Trade Insurance Agency
  • Chapter 12China And The Knowledge Economy: Seizing The 21st Century
  • Chapter 13 Principles And Guidelines For Effective Insolvency And Creditor Rights Systems
  • IndexIndex

The World Bank Legal Review: Law And Justice For Development Volume 1

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