Plea Bargain In Nigeria: Law And Policy

  • Date Published 14/01/2019
Plea Bargain In Nigeria: Law And Policy
Plea Bargain In Nigeria: Law And Policy

Plea bargain as a concept is unknown to Nigerian law and very much at its embryonic stage. There has been a polarity of contemporary reactions to this practice and most legal scholars oppose plea bargaining, finding it both inefficient and unjust. The then Chief Justice of Nigeria, Hon Justice Dahiru Musdapher, is reported to have described plea bargaining as a “novel concept of dubious origin” which, in his view, “was invented to provide soft landing to high profile criminals who loot the treasury entrusted to them, he was not referring to the original raison-d’être or juridical motive behind its conception but to the motive behind its introduction into our legal system. At present, Nigeria has a plethora of financial crime cases and it’s these cases that have formed the basis for the implementation of plea bargaining in Nigeria. Plea bargaining is provided for in s.180 (1) of the Criminal Procedure Act and s.14 (2) of the Economic and Financial Crimes Act 2004. Apart from these provisions there is a dearth of no legislations to provide legal backing for plea bargaining.

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Book Chapters

  • Preliminary Pages Preliminary Pages
  • Chapter 1Plea Bargaining: History And Origin
  • Chapter 2Plea Bargain In Nigeria: Constitutional Questions
  • Chapter 3Some Mitigating And Aggravating Factors In Nigerian Sentencing Practice
  • Chapter 4Development Of Plea Bargaining In The Administration Of Criminal Justice In Nigeria: A Revolution, Vaccination Against Punishment Or Mere Expediency?
  • Chapter 5The Role Of Plea Bargaining In Modern Criminal Law
  • Chapter 6Nigeria’s Legal Response To Perennial Conflict Situations: The Anti-terrorism Act 2011 In Perspective
  • Chapter 7Coercion To Compromise: The Imperatives Of Plea
  • Chapter 8Plea Bargain: Immunity From Punishment?
  • Chapter 9The Paradox Of Plea Bargaining
  • Chapter 10Commonique On Conviction To Compromise: The Plea Bargain Option
  • General IndexGeneral Index

Plea Bargain In Nigeria: Law And Policy

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