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Helping students go further. Every student has a different starting point and individual needs can vary greatly. The Lawscope Library is designed to help in getting students to organize their learning and achieve academic goals.

Lawscope helps students:

LEARN MOREStudents get immediate access to hundreds of books and thousands of articles and theses to read on the go and at their convenience.

SAVE MONEYLawscope Library has carefully selected complete curriculum tailored textbooks, which empowers students to forgo the huge cost of a printed text. Students can also opt for a mobile-enabled eTextbook they can use online (web)and offline(Mobile) from within Lawscope Library at a low cost, allowing them to study on-the-go and keep on top of coursework.

PERSONALIZE THEIR EXPERIENCE By using the Add to my collection feature, students can determine field or area of lawthey wish to study on per time.This insight helps students ace the concepts they need to know before exam day.