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Lawscope is Educational driven and as such we partner with higher institutions to provide the tailored research content, and solutions necessary to support law students across the student school cycle.

Our objective is simple but critical:help to encourage Institutional cross referencing of resources in fostering Educational and Legal research amongst students

Lawscope offers a flexible partnership approach, intended to help institutions develop and implement a uniform Theses Repository which is an important strategy to address issues of Plagiarism and doctoring of research work. Our solution is implemented to engender a better and original research work at the under graduate and post graduate law level.

Through this innovation, we work collaboratively with our university partners to: :

  • ACHIEVE the creation of single THESES REPOSITORY
  • EXPAND their reach in resources
  • ENCOURAGE Institutional cross referencing of research work to checker doctored projects
  • DELIVER exceptional online, and hybrid learning and teaching experiences for students and faculty instructors
  • ADAPT to new realities of the changing role of paper.