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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1, What is Lawscope Library?

Lawscope Library, is a virtual platform offering Law library resources particularly eBooks and articles such that Users can read books or subscribe to have full access to the library resources consisting of Books and articles of legal interest.

2, How do users access the service?

Users can access the service by accessing the web app on any device. Lawscope Library is compatible with PCs, Mobile and Tablets. Users can also download the Mobile Apps on iOS App Store and Google PlayStore for compatible devices

3, How do I sign up for the service via Web?

You can sign up for the service by selecting any of the subscription plans available online. Lawscope currently offers Monthly and Yearly for card payments.

4, How much does it cost?

Lawscope Library has subscription that cost N 2000/ and N20,000/Year

5, How do I pay for Lawscope Subscription?

For card payment, Readers can securely make payments via Interswitch Quickteller (Fast, Easy and Secured).

6, How many books can I read on my plan?

Once subscribed, Users can access all array of resources on the platform through out the span of subscription

7, How do I select a book to read?

You can access books by browsing through or filtering any of the categories and selecting your preferred option. You also have the option of saving a book for later if you do not wish to read the book right away

8, How do I check my subscription status?

Each reader has a personal account where you can view your account details, books that you are reading or books you have saved for later, and your subscription status.

9, Are books downloadable?

On the Web App, No, books are not downloadable; you can only read books via the Lawscope Library web-app on any of your mobile devices. However, we have made it easy by implementing an offline feature on the web app where readers after clicking on a desired chapter to read are able to read without internet connection. However on the Mobile app, after subscribing to the platform, Users can download books and read at offline, however the Books are no longer accessible once the subscription expires.