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Institutional Pathways To Equity

Institutional Pathways To Equity

Author: Anthony J. Bebbington, Anis A. Dani, Arjan De Haan, And Michael Walton,

Category: Legal System, Constitutional Law & Legal Drafting

Date Published: Monday, 13-May-2019 1:15:59 PM

In many developing countries, the mixed record of state effectiveness, market imperfections, and persistent structural inequities has undermined the effectiveness of social policy. To overcome these constraints, social policy needs to move beyond conventional social service approaches toward development’s goals of equitable opportunity and social justice. This series has been created to promote debate among the development community, policy makers, and academia and to broaden understanding of social policy challenges in developing country contexts. The books in the series are linked to the World Bank’s Social Develop- ment Strategy. The strategy is aimed at empowering people by transform- ing institutions to make them more inclusive, responsive, and accountable. This involves the transformation of subjects and beneficiaries into citizens with rights and responsibilities. Themes in this series will include equity and development, assets and livelihoods, and citizenship and rights-based social policy, as well as the social dimensions of infrastructure and cli- mate change.