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Employment & Labour Law In Nigeria

Employment & Labour Law In Nigeria

Author: Elizabeth A. Oji / Professor Offornze D. Amucheazi

Category: Labour, Employment & Industrial Law

Date Published: Wednesday, 3-April-2019 2:21:16 PM

The Nigerian employment law is that area of law that governs the condition of working for pay by the Nigerian worker.  It covers the contract of employment, which arises as a result of individual relationships between the employer and an employee, and the higher level of employment relations found when employees combine and deal with an employer as one body, or in a trade union. The term industrial law has been used to refer to the study of employment relations between employers and employees in Nigeria.  However, this term may be restrictive as it appears to refer to persons who work in industries. This book is therefore an in-depth and scholarly appreciation of the concept of Employment law, Labour law and industrial procedure in Nigeria.