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Introduction To Jurisprudence: Classical And Islamic

Introduction To Jurisprudence: Classical And Islamic

Author: Professor Muhammed Tawfiq Ladan (phd)


Date Published: Sunday, 10-February-2019 10:23:50 AM

Jurisprudence refers to the study of the nature, scope, functions, relevance, purpose, efficacy, and reform of the law; it refers also to the study of legal concepts, doctrines, norms, and institutions of various legal systems, it refers further to the study of the relationship between law and justice, morality, society, development and other disciplines such as history, philosophy, logic, medicine, economics, sociology, criminology, psychology and political science. Legal education will be incomplete without a knowledge of Jurisprudence which alone provides the student with the unique opportunity of viewing the law in its socio-economic, political, historical and philosophical contexts.