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Rights Of Persons With Disabilities

Rights Of Persons With Disabilities

Author: Nigerian Institute Of Advanced Legal Studies


Date Published: Monday, 14-January-2019 8:04:32 PM

No individual would wish to find him or herself in a state of being disabled yet disability knows no race, age, gender or status.  Disability may be congenital or may occur at any stage in a person’s life without volition. Persons with disabilities face a lot of challenges and are sometimes abused both in the developed and developing countries. It was in realization of this anomaly and the need to accord these individuals their full rights as human beings and also some special rights by reason of their circumstance that countries of the world through the instrumentality of the United Nations have developed several Instruments to affirm the rights of persons with disabilities. These rights are hinged on the universality, indivisibility, interdependence, and interrelatedness of all human rights and fundamental freedoms and the need for persons with disabilities to be guaranteed their full enjoyment without discrimination.