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Supreme Court Review

Supreme Court Review

Author: Nigerian Institute Of Advanced Legal Studies

Category: LAW & SOCIETY

Date Published: Monday, 14-January-2019 7:58:37 PM

In 2010, the Institute commenced a journey of publication of law report dubbed NIALS APPELLATE  COURT LAW REPORT which is on going till now. The Institute has now thought it wise to provide a platform which will allow academics and the general legal community to ventilate their views, comments and opinions on the judgment passed by the highest court of the land-the Supreme Court of Nigeria. The views expressed by authors in the journal are not intended to serve as appeal over the judgments of the Supreme Court. It is expected that the comments and views expressed by respected academic and practitioners are objective and will be considered as such. Those views are also those of the authors and do not represent the views of the Institute. The NIALS Journal of Supreme Court Review (NJSCR) will be bi-annual and it is hoped that it will meet its objective of being of useful relevance to the Judges at all levels and the legal community in general in appreciating new perfectives on legal principles which may appear settled by the Supreme Court.