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Anatomy Of The Legal Profession

Anatomy Of The Legal Profession

Author: Nigerian Institute Of Advanced Legal Studies


Date Published: Monday, 14-January-2019 1:51:13 PM

The legal profession in Nigerian has become a subject of various contentions, often being subjected as a profession in decline. A profession which once had the adornment of prestige and glory and sometimes referred to as a profession only ventured into by a few is now experiencing a bubble with a floodgate of lawyers being called to the Bar each year. This indeed questions the quality of the lawyers produced and indeed the law becoming hapless. This book project by the Institute is unlimited in its scope and it covers every area of the profession, giving it a pragmatic approach. The contributors are not only academics but an array of experts ranging from practicing lawyers, regulators to name but a few. All chapters objectively review the challenges of the profession with a view to recommending realistic solutions, rather than being superfluous and abstract.The arguments portrayed would provoke many sentiments by stakeholders and indeed readers may be construed to have a rethink on many suppositions they may have conjured about the profession as prevailing arguments will be unveiled.