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Journal Of Environmental Law

Journal Of Environmental Law

Author: Nigerian Institute Of Advanced Legal Studies


Date Published: Monday, 14-January-2019 3:58:53 PM

The world has been grappling with severe environmental issues such as ozone depletion, climate change, desertification and other natural or man-induced environmental disasters which touch on human health in different forms. In the face of these monumental environmental challenges, the seemingly simple environmental ‘misdemeanours’ of keeping living surroundings in unhygienic mosquito-conducive conditions tend to appear inconsequential. Similarly, for many years, over and above other health issues, HIV/AIDS has held global attention. Conceivably, this scenario is attributable to the multifaceted ethical, human rights, sociological and other complexities which the disease has spawned and in whose framework discourse of the HIV/AIDS pandemic has been set. Juxtaposed with an incurable, wasting and stigmatizing HIV/AIDS conflagration, malaria, a curable and seemingly ‘ordinary and common’ disease in Nigeria may naturally pale into oblivion