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Legal Traditions In The Embodiment Of The Shari'ah

Legal Traditions In The Embodiment Of The Shari'ah

Author: Professor Abdul-qadir Zubair


Date Published: Wednesday, 10-November-2021 4:04:04 PM

The import of the Prophet traditions in Islamic studies generally is not hidden to anyone. And among these Prophetic traditions, legal traditions provide for Islamic jurisprudence with any other nation’s legal system, past and present. Whoever has the opportunity to explore the Qur’an and the Sunnah will discover that legislation and its everlasting magnificence.

The grandeur of this legislation which dazzles the eyes of secular jurists world-wide induces the antagonists of Islam to lunch a serve attack on the Sunnah generally. They cast doubt on the authority and validity of the Sunnah, and prejudiced the veracity of its transmitters who were the savants among the Sahabah, i.e. the companions, and their successors. We adversaries will continuously be ending up in their defeat. That is the promise from Allah and the practice approved of Him. The Qur’an asserts: