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Introduction To Nigerian Labour Law

Introduction To Nigerian Labour Law

Author: Professor Sam Erugo


Date Published: Friday, 24-April-2020 7:32:26 PM

Labour law as a branch of learning is a specialty of the general law of contract pertaining to contract of employment but possessing some rugged peculiar features that make it an interesting course to study. Incidentally Nigerian law did not develop early in this area leaving the course apparently unexplored to a great extent. One certain result of the aforesaid position has been a dearth of local authorities, particularly textbooks on the subject as taught in our Universities. The author here while pretending to be introducing a course in labour law, apart from adequately highlighting and analyzing the rudimentary rules, has sufficiently delved into all the vital topics in contract of employment and the law relating to industrial relations. This he has done in a concise form that makes for easy understanding of the course. The effort undoubtedly is a sufficient introduction not only for students but also for practitioners of labour law. The work also provides lead materials for further research and development and raises questions that definitely will stimulate academic discourse.